History - GENESI, a leader in seamless technology

GENESI s.r.l. is a company founded in the year 2000, which is engaged in the production of fashionable apparel and technical sportswear with "seamless" technology. This technology allows the production of garments with the following characteristics: elasticity and comfort. This special comfort offers the absence of seams, seamless, typical of our products. We offer a wide range of styles and solutions for every need: from classic underwear to shapewear, from fashionable outfits, trendy collections, technical clothing with high functionality to sportswear with excellent breathability, so that they can even increase the athletic performance. We produce garments for demanding customers from a variety of areas (loungewear), from sports to leisure, beachwear, etc. (sportswear, home wear, beachwear, spa and outwear, etc.). The products manufactured by our company are classified by type in a medium-high consumption class.

100% Made in Italy

The economic crisis has caused a general deterioration in quality in the recent years. But we stick to high quality products, all 100% "Made in Italy". We remain true to ourselves and continue to provide important resources for innovation to maintain the high quality of our products and provide timely service to our customers. GENESI does not want to be part of a price war and anonymity, but wants to distinguish itself for the high quality of its products.

A young and dynamic company

We are a young, flexible and dynamic company, we are ready to welcome any innovation in production. We experiment, are curious and attentive to the needs and requirements of the market.
This extraordinary know-how is reflected in every action and in every detail of the business processes.
An experience that is always won every day and produces extraordinary fruits in GENESI: innovative products of absolute quality.

Our values

We believe people are at the heart of the company. For this reason, we have drafted our Code of Conduct in which we make explicit all the ideals we believe in, such as respect for personal dignity, ethics, social and environmental issues, which are a fundamental part of our daily operations.

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               The quality management system is ISO 9001 certified