High professionalism and technological innovation at the service of functionality even at the highest levels

These particularly elastic products are perfectly shaped to the body and allow to improve the technical performance of the wearer thanks to their breathability, with a general cooling effect even in situations of high effort, to the stimulation of blood microcirculation and to their extraordinary lightness. We pay almost obsessive attention to detail through the use of flat anti-chafing seams, the creation and application of logos / transfers, the careful control of each garment for each individual production phase. We create garments for any outdoor, indoor, racing sports sector.
Since the beginning, the constant search for materials and innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the functionality of the garments has been the guideline that we have adopted. The skill of the founding partner, Oscar Monfardini, combined with innovation, has allowed us to become a manufacturing reality of absolute reference in the sector, guaranteeing high quality standards for the garments made, both with our brand and with private labels, for important brands, both Italian and foreign, positioned on the high-end market especially in the sports sector (racing, cycling, mountaineering, running, football, etc. ...).

A technical-sport line of absolute effectiveness and within everyone's reach

The “The Mobile Society” branded product line is aimed at demanding consumers who, for their free time, as well as at work, want to wear comfortable clothes that are able to keep their body and body warm or cool, as appropriate. Always guarantee adequate perspiration and adequate well-being even when exercising sports activities.