Production capacity - Webbing

The production activities are concentrated in the factory which covers an area of approximately 5,000 m2. Casaloldo (MN) is in a geographical perfect position, able to take the most of the wealth of knowledge present in the industrial district of Castel Goffredo. We are able to internally produce about two million seamless garments per year and we are equipped with highly specialized internal units dedicated to research and development, quality control and customer service. Our company has a webbing room which currently houses 40 machines (Santoni) with cylinders with a diameter of various sizes - from 12 to 17 - capable of guaranteeing a high degree of production flexibility, with regard both to the wide range of items feasible than the wide range of sizes (from XS to 5XL) available, so as to allow the production of garments from early childhood to "pre-mum".

Seamless technology

The term "seamless" commonly identifies those garments made using circular machines, capable of developing cutting-edge technical content and offering wide creative possibilities for the production of garments with a perfect and comfortable fit - like a second skin - thanks to the almost total absence of seams.
With the seamless technology, wisely used, you can get clean-looking garments, with a great definition of the designs and a very low thickness to ensure lightness and comfort, both for the creation of underwear and for the production of outerwear.

Technological innovation and mastery of the founding member

Our success is based on the technological development of our garments, which differ from the items produced by competitors thanks to the competitors thanks to the contribution of the founding member Oscar Monfardini, coming from managerial technical experiences at important industrial companies in the district, capable of to rely on his thirty years of textile know-how and to mix, with particular skill, synthetic yarns (nylon, microfibre, polypropylene etc.) with artificial and natural fibers (viscose, micromodal, merino wool, cashmere, angora etc.) guaranteeing wearability, freshness and softness. We create refined and glamorous garments in the fashion sector, where technical innovation marries the elegance and originality of unprecedented harmonies, and we produce garments for the technical-sports sector with a high technological content, all with the aim of offering high comfort of use and ensure better performance for users, thanks to the blend of the fine yarns used and the creation of different degrees of compression for specific parts of the body. The edges of the garments can be made both in single and double form, with different selections and with elastic banded or textured.

Raw material

To achieve the aforementioned results, over time, we have entered into important collaboration agreements with the most important and innovative companies in the production of synthetic yarns (nylon, polypropylene, carbon etc. ...) and we have selected highly specialized suppliers for the procurement of natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk etc. ...) and artificial fibers(viscose, cupro etc. ...) to achieve the best of the noble fibers existing on the market.

Cutting, sewing, dyeing, labeling, control and zero-km packaging

Once the yarns to be used for the construction of the garment have been identified and defined, we move on to the design phase with the preparation, freehand, of a sketch that the R&D unit transforms into a graphic design usable by the webbing machine. The tube is subsequently cut to size, assembled and sewn and subjected to the dyeing process and to the subsequent labeling, control and packaging phases.
For the various stages of processing we make use of the best laboratories in the area, tested over the years and with which we have consolidated collaborative relationships that allow rapid intervention, efficiency and quality of the result.

Company quality and ethics

All our production processes guarantee through strict internal tests both the quality and the absence of substances harmful to people and the environment as per OekoTex® Standard 100 regulation.
All productions are carried out with respect for human rights and the environment.