Not only fashion ...

We have a team of young designers and stylists who create trendy garments for a young and jaunty audience.
We use various technologies and types of fibers both natural (cotton, angora / merino wool, silk) and artificial (microfibre, viscose, micromodal etc.) satisfying an increasingly demanding and quality-conscious clientele.


We have gained experience and achieved know-how of absolute value from a technical-production and we have become market leaders for the creation of "shape-wear" firm control products that we offer directly with the traditional "Modelling" line and the "BodyLift " line, both are " Sensì "brands.
We have had a wide range of specific knowledge and skills for some time, such as to determine particularly positive production synergies and, alongside the aforementioned lines, as part of our research and development projects, we have developed a highly innovative modelling product with high value.

Innovation, technology and intrinsic properties of yarns for the well-being of our body

Our beauty garments allow to obtain various benefits in contact with the skin, attributable to the following properties: anti-aging, anti-oxidants and hydrating; the yarn and technology used give the garments modelling (shaping and body sculpting) and redefining (skin refining) characteristics.
These products differ, compared to those existing on the market, for their exclusivity, thanks to an attractive but functional design. The use of natural fibers, such as silk - or artificial - such as viscose or cupro, together with the synthetic thread enriched with noble ingredients with the use of nano-technologies, embellishes the items to the touch, without compromising the intrinsic properties of the product .
Both "in vitro" and "in vivo" tests were completed and the certifications necessary for the distribution of the product in the specialist channels suitable for incorporating the characteristics and intrinsic properties of the garments were collected.