Comfort of fit and absolute technical safety

The products dedicated to the work sector (sweaters, trousers, bands, ...) are made to combine the necessary comfort of fit, absolute safety from a technical point of view.
The intrinsic properties of the yarns used, the result of a constant and careful search for the most effective, efficient and innovative materials, give the garments undisputed qualities, difficult to find in the reference technical sector: the use of exclusive technologies and the know-how gained in many years of presence in the sector are our distinctive values. Welcome to the Utility section!

Garments designed and made for leisure and work

Our line is aimed at demanding consumers who, in particular working conditions, as well as for their free time, wish to wear comfortable garments that are able to keep their body warm or cool, as appropriate, and always guarantee a adequate perspiration.

Fire resistance

Thanks to the profound knowledge acquired in the racing sports sector (from Formula 1 to the lower ranks, such as carting) we can create garments with fire retardant properties to be destined for extractive companies, the oil and natural gas market in general,the military and para-military sector  (Firefighters, Rangers etc ...) and structures operating in civil protection. Our leaders have already passed the stringent non-flammability tests envisaged by the FIA, in the sports field, and by the specifications for the regulation of tenders called by the fire department of other important European countries.