production techniques in forefront at the service of our partners

The know-how acquired over time has allowed us to develop important technical-production collaboration agreements with internationally recognized brands.
Over the years, we have systematically revisited all production processes, pursuing a constant improvement in industrial efficiency and taking into account the necessary flexibility to meet the technical needs of customers.
The high specialization achieved, with the help of highly qualified personnel, which is part of a permanent program in search of quality and innovation, allows us to guarantee our commercial partners production reliability and, above all, the possibility of researching and developing solutions innovative techniques for the industrialization of garments with intrinsic characteristics that are very difficult to identify with other manufacturers.
The internal R&D unit is able to synergistically develop all the phases of the garment construction project and enhance the characteristics of the materials used based on the type of product.
Stylists and personal designers put their ideas to good use in a young and dynamic environment, open to experimentation and the search for the best technical and aesthetic solution. At the same time, we boast collaborations with established international designers and with prestigious academic institutes.
GENESI becomes, therefore, also synonymous with technical and stylistic by bringing the underwear and the outerwear, fashion or technical-sporting garments, beyond their traditional borders: functional and elegant, useful for every occasion, but also comfortable for everyday use.